Draw XXL release ?>

Draw XXL release

I released Draw XXL. It is an extensive set of visual debugging and development tools for the Unity 3D engine.

Unity Asset Store releases ?>

Unity Asset Store releases

In the upcoming time I will release some software tools that I created during game development on the Unity Asset Store. The first one is almost finished and will be ready very soon.

To keep in touch with the users and assist them in using the tools I will also set up a Discord support channel.

Android version of Sunbirds out now ?>

Android version of Sunbirds out now

After Sunbirds is out on iOS for quite some time I released it now also for Android. This version is currently completely without ads. Download it here.

Shoutout to the FFF Bayern ?>

Shoutout to the FFF Bayern

Very nice! I got notified that the FFF Bayern will financially support my next game project. Thank you! I’m looking forward to making an innovative puzzle game happen.

Release ?>


Sunbirds is released now for iOS. You can download it here. I was teaming up with Appsolute Games for the release. The Android version is still to come.

Looks much more releasable ?>

Looks much more releasable

A lot of things happened since my last post. I discarded the jungle river level and instead concentrated on the bird-flying-over-the-clouds-scenery. The game isn’t called Symphony Landscape anymore but now goes by the name Sunbirds. Then I’ve set up my social media accounts so you can follow the games progress on the network of your liking. You should see social media icons on the lower left side of the screen if the tech works as it should. Last but no least here are new screenshots. Looks much more like a releasable game now.


And the second one ?>

And the second one

Here is the second screenshot for my upcoming game called Symphony Landscape.


Website is set up… ?>

Website is set up…

…and waiting for content. That cannot take much longer.